"Carey has played a vital role in re-branding efforts and collateral design at National Geographic. She is a talented graphic designer who thinks like a seasoned marketer. I could not have accomplished so much in so little time without Carey’s support as a freelancer. She’s a true member of the team: she meets deadlines, provides valuable contributions, and takes constructive criticism in a positive way. Her equal strengths in creativity and attention detail make her an asset to a small team. Carey’s flexibility, availability, and drive are qualities that make her stand out above any other freelance designer I’ve worked with. Carey is capable of taking on new and different challenges and maintaining a positive, 'what’s next' attitude, which make her an ideal contributor to a busy department."
Kristen Bednarz
National Geographic Society
 “Carey immediately became engaged with our mission and goals at the outset of her creative process. She studied the text, scope, and purpose of our project and made excellent suggestions about the flow and layout of the report elements to enhance messaging and reader comprehension. She quickly became an asset to our team, and ultimately improved the impact of the report beyond the physical design! Carey is a talented designer who is willing to 'go deeper' to ensure the full potential of each project she works on. I look forward to working with her in the future!”
Carol Ronis
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
"Dear Carey, thank you for my beautiful logo and for such a positive, collaborative experience. I pray my business grows so we can work together more. I am so proud of my products with the new packaging you designed."
Lisa M.
Blue Skye Lavender
Bethesda, MD
"Carey has elevated Cattail’s branding, professionalism and consistency from a communications and design standpoint. During her tenure here, Carey worked diligently to modernize our everyday communications such as our monthly newsletter, event advertisements and flyers, and also the look and feel of our website and blast emails. She further took our monthly and annual publications to an entirely new level of quality, and designed many other beautiful marketing pieces. Carey’s involvement with promotional materials and planning for numerous events directly contributed to the turnout and success of the functions. Additionally, she was a catalyst to our social media marketing and vendor relations."
Lynn Slupski
Cattail Creek Country Club
Glenwood, MD
“Carey is a joy to work with. As she began to design our Toma product labels, she encouraged us to be part of the creative process from conceptualization to execution of the final design. We communicated daily and brainstormed ideas together, keeping our brand identity in mind; we would ultimately need to translate the label design across many different printed materials, and maintain a consistent look and feel for Toma. Carey even encouraged us to rethink the original, beautiful design we agreed upon, reminding us the product design needed to appeal to women, but also not to turn off the men who used them.
The exciting process of the label design was just the beginning of our relationship with Carey; she is now an important piece of the puzzle, and we continue to lean on her for creative direction, and design of all of our brand assets. Her astute understanding of who we are and what we need is coupled with a keen sense of intuition and futher combined with technical saavy. She hits the mark (or rather, exceeds it) within the first two drafts every time."
Tori Paide
The Still Point / Toma Personalized Skincare
Clarksville, MD
“Carey did an excellent job on the design of our logo several years ago. She has since created many beautiful print ads, banners, and other materials for Plates Restaurant. She quickly executes beautiful and simple print-ready pieces for us, and we’ve never missed a deadline!”
Vas Koliofotis
Plates Restaurant
Baltimore, MD
"Working within many existing parameters, Carey successfully completed one of the smoothest brand 'refreshes' I have ever seen. She managed to retain all of the recognizable elements within the existing brand identity while performing a companywide update that made the sum of all parts look 100% better."
Eric Levenson
Jeffrey Press
Windsor Mill, MD